Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Canadian Airsoft Player Profile: Frank Reagan

Today we are profiling a local London, Ontario Canada airsoft player Frank Reagan.

Why do you love airsoft?
I love airsoft because of the adrenaline rush you get when you play. I have always been into guns and tactical procedures. This gives me the ability to train and practice proper gun control.

What are your favourite airsoft pistols?
My favs are the Colt 1911 because it's a classic and the more modern Sig Sauer P229 and Taurus PT 99 handguns.

What are your favourite airsoft AEGs?
G&G TR4 CQB-H and the King Arms Colt M4 Gas Blowback

What airsoft guns do you own?
- G&G TR4 CQB-H airsoft rifle
- GSG 92 pistol
- Jericho 941 pistol
- Crosman 1088 steel BB pistol

Do you have a favourite sniper rifle?
No, I do not like to use sniper rifles
What's your favourite airsoft games and why?
My favourite airsoft game is search and rescue. I chose this game because it is the most realistic in my opinion.

Which is your favourite the M4/M16 or AK-47 and why?

What type of camouflage do you wear?
Urban Digital Camouflage

How did you first learn about airsoft?
I learned about airsoft 5 years ago while competing in a local paintball tournament.

What size airsoft speed loader do you use?
Normal size (90 rounds)

What are your tactical turn offs?
When people don't call their hits and also those who think that buying the most expensive gear will make them the best players on the field.

What are your tactical turn ons?
- Double kills
- Head shots
- Hand shots
- Good looking female airsoft players

What brands of airsoft gear are you most familiar with?
G&G, ICS, WE Tech, King Arms, Swiss Arms, and Cybergun.

Which types of guns are you most familiar with?
The M4A1 rifle platform and M9 Beretta style pistols.

What are your preferred game modes/playing styles?
My favourites are Breech & Clear and Search & Destroy.

What is your favourite airsoft store?
I've tried a bunch, but found that I had problems ordering from the U.S.. I know I've got a big part of my next paycheque set aside for paying the $100+ customs brokerage fees from getting U.P.S. to get my last order of about $325 in airsoft accessories from the U.S. through Canadian border security. I'm sure it would have been a lot higher had I actually tried to order an airsoft gun and get it shipped across the border. Because of that experience I'm now only ordering my airsoft gear on the Canadian side. I like Forest City Surplus because they are a Canadian airsoft gun store that has a lot of staff that actually goes out and plays airsoft. I see them on occasion at London area fields like Flagswipe, War Pigs and Adrenaline. I haven't found that you get that on field knowledge when going to a Canadian Tire or a Walmart.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Selection of Airsoft Guns in Southwestern Ontario Canada

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We have the airsoft gun sights, scopes and even a full selection of airsoft handgun and rifle cases to protect your precious airsoft guns. For snipers we have airsoft ghillie suit in stock and ready for combat.

Drop in and see why Forest City Surplus is the best airsoft store in London, Canada. We have your new airsoft gun for sale.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What's better the SIG 551 or SIG 552?

What's a better gun? The Sig 551 and Sig 552 are the almost the same airsoft gun with only 2 differences. The Sig 552 airsoft gun is is shorter in length which makes it ideal for indoors or CQB (close quarters battle) style battles. Because of it's shorter length it requires a battery box to store the airsoft battery.

The Sig 551 airsoft gun does not need a battery box and is longer in length. This longer length makes it better for outdoor airsoft games. Many airsoft players will find the extra length helpful in letting them be more accurate.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Brand Spanking New Airsoft Forum Grand Opening

Jamie the airsoft expert has launched a new Canadian airsoft forum for Canadian airsoft players to discuss airsoft in Canada. We will be adding reviews of our Canadian airsoft gear like full metal airsoft guns and more.

New Canadian Airsoft Forum Launched

We have just launched a Canadian airsoft forum called airsoft adventure. It features tips on playing airsoft, a chance to connect with other Canadian airsoft players and a chance to read reviews on airsoft gear.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New All Metal Airsoft Guns Have Arrived

Just in full metal airsoft guns have arrived at our Canadian Airsoft Store. More details as soon as they come available.